Anonymous whispered, "all the numbers with a 3 !"

That’s so many hahaha.

3: 3 Fears - being nothing, heights, dying of cancer

13: Favourite color - purple

23: Hair color - brown

30: Favourite band - idk I don’t really ever have favorites? I have a lot I like though?

31: How I feel right now - sick and sad :(

32: Someone I love - Sarah Rose

33: My current relationship status - taken by the lady I mentioned above

34: My relationship with my parents - very good with my mom, pretty good with my dad, decent with my stepdad and awful with my stepmom

35: Favourite holiday - Christmas

36: Tattoos and piercing i have - white peace sign on my wrist, ears and lip piercing

37: Tattoos and piercing i want - idk more tats!

38: The reason I joined Tumblr - I don’t even remember. Gay? Glee? Fun??

39: Do I and my last ex hate each other? - no but I don’t talk to my exes haha

43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning? - depends I guess

53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me? - I would cry a whole lot

63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens? - I am unsure about both!

73: Is there anything pink in 10 feets from me? - my vibrator hahahaha

83: Do I have any relatives in jail? - none that I know of. At this point in time

93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain? - Yeah :)

103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan? - no

113: Cut myself? - once upon a time

123: Dyed my hair? - often!

ok that’s too many I am not going to finish or else this will be too long sorry D:

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Anonymous whispered, "Can you post a picture of your tattoos?"

My tattoo doesn’t show up very well, because it’s white ink :/ Sorry!!!

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Anonymous whispered, "How did you meet your girlfriend? What's your favorite thing about her?"

I like these questions :)

I met her through Tumblr! I was having a tough day and she reached out to me. And then a few days later she auctioned off her virginity and I jumped on that. So we talked a lot and then I asked her out! And then we called and skyped and texted and wrote letters and sent packages and then I finally got to see her last October. It was wonderful :)

Hmm it’s hard to pick just one! But I love her smile/laugh. She lights up a whole room with that beautiful white smile. :) She always makes me giggle. And all of that just adds to how beautiful she is. :)

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Anonymous whispered, "What's your dating history?"


When I was 15/16, I dated a girl named Betsy. We dated for a year and then she broke up with me over text. While we were on the same bus. So I threw the ring she gave me in her face (lolz 16 year-old drama). Then, at a concert I went up to a girl and asked for her number and we talked a lot and Betsy got jealous so she was like hey come back to me. So we tried it for a week. She was cheating on me the whole time.

THEN came Hailey. We dated for 3 months. When I was in a city 4 hours away, she cheated on me. And then we broke up, and she made me pay her back for the iPod Touch she bought me.

So then there was Lindsey. I think we had a solid 2 months going. Then we went “on break.” I later found out that “on break” means “hey, I’m actually gonna fuck a dude now ok.”

Then I went close to two years not looking for anybody and just having fun in college. And then Sarah happened. :) We’ve been dating almost a year and a half now, and our relationship is the most stable and healthy one I’ve ever had. So that’s pretty awesome. :) No cheating or dude fucking. We definitely have our issues, but they’re pretty normal, and at the end of the day, we’re both very happy. Also she’s really cute. 

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Anonymous whispered, "Where did your name come from?"


Well, my mom really liked Gretta and Claire, and my dad was like NO. NO ME GUSTA. So, I guess they had both heard the name Geneva and liked it. I’m pretty sure they heard it from my cousin’s dad’s mom, who’s name was Geneva Jane [lastname whatever it was], but she went by Jane, because she didn’t like Geneva. So I guess they got it from her, but I’m not named after her, if that makes sense.

Also, little fact for you, my mom would call me “Geneva Jane” when I was in trouble, because my middle name is her last name, and that doesn’t sound very menacing. 

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Anonymous whispered, "You are wonderfully beautiful."

Thank you :3

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Anonymous whispered, "you'll make it through finals, because you're actually really smart and awesome :)"

Bless you :’)

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Anonymous whispered, "you are beautiful."

Bless your heart! :)

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Anonymous whispered, "hi"


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Anonymous whispered, "do you prefer dc or marvel?"

This is a tough question (which is why it took me awhile to answer).

I love Marvel because they produce way more movies than DC. I’m a visual person, but also an auditory one, so movies are awesome for me. I also like a wide array of Marvel characters.

DC though… fewer movies, but I don’t think any movie in any universe can compare to Nolan’s Batman trilogy. So DC has that. Also, the Bat family in itself is so phenomenal. 

So… universes as a whole, I’d have to go with Marvel. But if Batman + friend were their own universe, then the story might be different. 

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Anonymous whispered, "could you break up with your gf to date me?"

Nope sorry!

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Anonymous whispered, "You are beautiful."

Thank you, anon.

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Anonymous whispered, "if you are sad about your state voting yes maybe you should have worked harder on the campaign"

Uhm, rude?

I wish I could have worked full time on this amendment. But I had school. And bills to pay. I put in a lot of hours working on this campaign. I hardly slept because I was doing so much.

Do I wish I could have done more? Of course.

But shit, I’m a student and I work. So I dunno what you want from me, grey face. 

Also, my state voted no, overall. I was just mentioning how the 1,401,275 people that voted yes made me sad.

If there was something I could have done to change 1.5 million people’s mind, I certainly would have.

Now, kindly go away. 

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Anonymous whispered, "It's a struggle to get out of bed every morning. I've found myself eating less and less, and my favorite things in the world seem to be losing their joy. I feel myself getting sadder and sadder every day, and I don't know what to do about it. I don't know who to talk to, or what to say. I don't want to tell my friends, because I feel like I'm whining, but I'm so unhappy, it's starting to affect how I get through the day. What do I do?"

Ugh, I’m so sorry honey :( I’ve definitely struggled with eating while I’m sad, and I’ve found soup really helps! I think if you can get in to talk to someone like, “official,” that might be best. They really know what to do MUCH better than I do! I guess, I would try to find new joyful things?

I was pretty sad over the summer, so I found a new TV show to watch and also started White Strips. Because sometimes it’s just really nice to do things for myself! You should try something like that :)

And definitely let your friends know, if you want to! They can probably help more than I can, love <3

I hope things improve! Feel free to talk to me anytime :) 

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Anonymous whispered, "how'd you get such a hot girlfriend when you look like that.."

Wish I knew!!!

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Hey! My name is Geneva and I'm 21.
I like books. And mustaches. I enjoy leather-bound
journals, knit hats and taking pictures. I go to school in Minnesota for Sociology. I love all things zombies and super heroes. I also love music and people and girls and volunteering and gay things.


The Rachel to my Quinn

The Bruce Banner to my Tony Stark.

The Pepper Potts to my Tony Stark

My status